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Insight magazine

Insight magazine is a printed publication that is issued to all PDA members. Here are all the previous issues of the magazine.

  • Insight magazine – Summer 2022

    Wed 6th July 2022 The PDA

    This month, the PDA distributed hard copies of the latest issue of Insight magazine to members and to pharmacies. 

  • Insight magazine – EDI edition

    Wed 20th October 2021 The PDA

    Over the last few months, the PDA has distributed hard copies of the latest issue of INSIGHT magazine to those that attended The Clinical Pharmacy Congress and the Pharmacy Show 2021. This Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) edition focuses on the work of the PDA EDI Networks.  

  • Community pharmacists acting together to improve pay

    Mon 23rd August 2021 PDA Union

    For years, rates of pay for community pharmacists have been reducing in real terms, but by joining together to act collectively pharmacists now can take action through their independent trade union. This article outlines key outcomes secured by community pharmacists in recent years acting as a trade union and some of the additional options for action they now have available. 

  • When you walk through a storm – do not rely on someone else’s umbrella!

    Wed 4th August 2021 The PDA

    “I was told that I didn’t need to join the PDA because my employer will insure me if anything goes wrong” is something that we hear a lot at the PDA, usually AFTER something has already gone wrong. This article explores the practical reasons as to why pharmacists should carry their own protection, independent of their employer and independent of any organisation that looks after their employer’s interests 

  • Insight Scotland magazine – Summer 2021

    Thu 17th June 2021 The PDA

    This month, the PDA distributed hard copies of the latest issue of INSIGHT magazine to members and to pharmacies across Scotland.  

  • Insight magazine – Spring 2020

    Mon 3rd February 2020 The PDA

    Read the Spring 2020 issue of Insight magazine...  

  • Insight magazine – Winter 2018

    Mon 10th December 2018 The PDA

    In this edition, we describe our proposals and set out our programme of work, some of it in tandem with other pharmacy organisations. We urge you to support us in these initiatives and we invite you to attend one of our conference events in 2019. 

  • PDA Insight, GP Practice and Primary Care special edition – May 2017

    Fri 15th September 2017 The PDA

    Read how PDA has developed Professional Indemnity for Clinical Pharmacists in General Practice in this special edition of PDA Insight for GP Practice and Primary Care Pharmacists. This edition was originally published at the 2017 Clinical Pharmacy Congress.  

  • PDA Insight, Pre-registration edition – Autumn 2017

    Thu 14th September 2017 The PDA

    The special edition of PDA Insight for Pre-Registration pharmacists provides information about how PDA can help, explains the need for your own indemnity insurance cover and gives details of our 'Aiming High' event,  

  • PDA Insight – Autumn 2015

    October 2015 The PDA

    The PDA Insight for Autumn 2015 focuses on a new government initiative for pharmacists to work in GP surgeries, professional indemnity arrangements, the potential benefits of hub and spoke dispensing and the launch of the locum campaign. 

  • PDA Insight – Spring 2015

    March 2015 The PDA

    The PDA Insight for Spring 2015 concentrates on Government proposals on decriminalisation of dispensing errors and the progress with Prescription for Excellence in Scotland 

  • PDA Insight – Winter 2013

    February 2014 The PDA

    The Winter 2013 PDA Insight magazines concentrate on Reclaiming our Professional Territory and the 2014 Annual Conference  

  • PDA Insight – Summer 2013

    July 2013 The PDA

    The PDA Insight for Summer 2013 concentrates on Rebalancing Medicines Legislation and Pharmacy Regulation Initiative 

  • PDA Insight – Autumn 2012

    September 2012 The PDA

    The PDA Insight for Autumn 2012 concentrates on Balancing the supply and demand for Pharmacists and oncall negotiations  

  • PDA Insight – Winter 2012

    April 2012 The PDA

    The PDA Insight for Winter 2012 concentrates on P Medicines on self selection, RP Regulations and New Primary Care pharmacists roles - through Devolution  

  • PDA Insight – Winter 2011

    December 2011 The PDA

    This edition has news on the new roles for pharmacists, responsible pharmacist regulations and recognition of the PDA Union within Boots. 

  • PDA Insight – Summer 2011

    July 2011 The PDA

    The PDA Insight for Summer 2011 focuses the importance of having your own PI insurance, supervision and the Responsible Pharmacist regulations and the closure of Primary Care Organisations. 

  • PDA Insight – Winter 2010

    December 2010 The PDA

    This edition examines the PDA consultation on a new pharmacy "road map" 

  • PDA Insight – Summer 2010

    July 2010 The PDA

    This edition looks at the impact of the appeal against Elizabeth Lee's conviction for a dispensing error 

  • PDA Insight – Winter 2009

    December 2009 The PDA

    The Winter 2009 edition looks into details of the RP regulations and how they will impact on Pharmacist's employment contracts 

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