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PDA in Canadian Podcast interview

In most countries, community pharmacy is still evolving from the historic position where each pharmacy was owned and operated by a pharmacist. In these situations, the established pharmacy organisations are often those that concentrate on representing the interests of owners.

Wed 21st December 2022 The PDA

With the ownership structures coming under pressure from the multiples across the globe, this position is changing with employee pharmacists starting to think about how best to represent their specific interests; each country is at a different point along that journey. In the UK we have long passed the tipping point where most pharmacists are employed (or locum) which is what created the need for the PDA to become the voice for those frontline practitioners in an eco-system which was historically dominated by employers.

The situation in other countries can be that there is no trade union organisation operated by pharmacists. Instead, pharmacists are being told that they should join a more general union that does not have the expert focus on pharmacy, or as in the UK a trade union which is exclusively for pharmacists. It is unsurprising that the story of how UK pharmacists created the PDA and have grown it to its current level of size and influence is one that pharmacists in other countries want to hear about as they consider their own response to an increasingly employer/employee-based working environment.

The PDA has always been very happy to explain to pharmacists in other countries about how and why this was done in the UK.

PDA Director, Paul Day, was recently interviewed by Aska Patel on the Canadian pharmacy “Diverse Conversations” podcast. During the interview, Paul gave an overview of how the PDA was established, its role as an association and a trade union, the launch of the PDA EDI (Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion) Networks, and the important work the PDA does regarding its members.

You can watch that interview here.

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