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This Black History Month the PDA provide an update on the activity of the BAME Pharmacists network.

Mon 31st October 2022 The PDA

In April 2020, the PDA BAME Network was launched to provide a space and a structure through which members can work together to proactively address and campaign for change around race discrimination. Even though the network launched during the pandemic, it has been steadily growing since and is currently PDA’s largest EDI network in terms of membership.

The committee have engaged with members which has helped inform their activity and has prompted various initiatives. These include surveying members to inform the committee on key issues and strength of feeling of members; engaging members via networking events; creating safe spaces where network members can raise their concerns and share their lived experiences; contributing to consultations; producing newsletters, partaking in campaigns for change, representing the PDA BAME network at events and celebrating BAME practitioners and leaders that have made a difference to the profession.

Key activities and events:

July 2020: The first BAME pharmacists’ network newsletter was released. It focused on findings from BAME pharmacists’ experience relating to risk assessment and the use of PPE.

Oct 2020: The second BAME issue was released and it featured articles around inclusive professional practice and its importance, tackling racism by embracing enforceable principles and the need to have effective risk assessments for BAME pharmacists. The latter led to the PDA creating a Risk Assessment Toolkit for community pharmacists to use to help mitigate risks and keep all workers save during the pandemic.

February 2021: COVID-19 vaccination campaign launch encouraging communities to engage with the Covid-19 vaccination program

April 2021: First network event exploring vaccines, practice, myths and overcoming vaccine hesitancy.

June 2021: The second network event discussing the Sewell Report and its effect on BAME pharmacists and wider communities.

September 2021: The network produces a BAME Terminology Factsheet for PDA members and others in the profession to fill in gaps in their knowledge around racism and discrimination.

October 2021: BAME Network celebrates Black History Month with an event centred on Roger Kline’s ‘No More Tick Boxes’ report that highlights the principles drawn from research evidence that would promote fairer recruitment and career progression among BAME practitioners with a focus on the public sector.

CPC and Pharmacy Show 2021: BAME Network Committee attends Clinical Pharmacy Congress 2021 and Pharmacy Show 2021 and deliver a session on ‘Delivering race equality in Pharmacy’.

March 2022: BAME Network members attended the ‘Standing up to Racism’ conference.

June 2022: PDA BAME Network hosted a panel session at CPC on ‘PDA members leading change for an anti-racist pharmacy sector’

July 2022: BAME Committee officially launched the PDA Anti-Racist Pharmacist Toolkit.

Dorothy W U Egede, Honorary Secretary of BAME Network said “It’s that time of the year to spotlight our achievements as a race. And more importantly, in this era of equality and diversity, the anti-racist pharmacy toolkit is a timely launch. I urge you as employers and employees to engage with the toolkit. The PDA BAME Network will be pleased to hear your opinions on the impact of the toolkit in your workplace.”

Legal cases: Alongside the proactive work of the BAME Pharmacists network the PDA has supported individuals through Employment Tribunal who were subject to discrimination at work on account of their race.

Two years on since the network launched, racism is still a reality within the pharmacy profession, however the action to make the profession more diverse and inclusive and a place where racism will no longer exist is helping to improve the situation. This is why the PDA Anti-Racist Pharmacist Toolkit exists. Every member of the BAME network and allies are encouraged to:

  • Read and share the toolkit.
  • Speak to an Organiser at the PDA if you need help on how to start the conversation in your workplace using the toolkit.
  • Carry out the employees’ surveys.
  • Enquire about your employers’ policies and practice and gather the evidence in relation to issues raised by employees using the employer questionnaire.
  • Endorse the PDA Anti-Racist Pharmacy Charter.
  • Share examples of how you have used the toolkit to help make a difference in your workplace.

About the BAME Pharmacists’ Network

The BAME Network was launched in April 2020 as part of the PDA’s work to meet the demands of their growing membership and advance their work on equality. The network concerns itself with issues of special relevance to Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic pharmacists within the UK.

The network provides a structure through which members can work together to proactively address and campaign around racial discrimination and its causes and consequences. Learn more and join the BAME Network today!


Becoming an ally

Allyship is about working towards creating diverse and inclusive communities and by standing up for the rights of those who are marginalised. Those that are not part of the BAME community can support this group and make the effort to understand their struggle. Learn more about allyship here. 

Learn more

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