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Locums in Scotland advised of rights in instances of breach of contract

The PDA is advising PDA locum members in Scotland about their contractual rights following complaints that a health board is cancelling booked vaccination shifts without notice.

Thu 11th March 2021 The PDA

Locum pharmacists practicing in the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Heath Board area contacted the PDA this week reporting that the  board had unilaterally cancelled agreed shifts scheduled over the coming weeks. This action seems to have only been directed at pharmacists while other health professionals with similar contracts are continuing under the agreed terms.

The PDA are advising individual locum members where they stand if an employer has breached their contract and cancelled agreed work assignments without giving the specified contractual notice period.

The PDA encourage all locums to be clear on their rights and responsibilities regarding cancellation clauses in contracts they agree to, which are also binding on the employer.

Paul Day, PDA Director said: “Locum pharmacists have entered into these contracts in good faith to support the Covid Vaccination program and it is disappointing to hear from members that their shifts are being cancelled without notice.  Pharmacists will have turned down other work to support this service and may not now be able to recoup their losses.

Affected PDA members can contact the PDA service centre to log their case and receive advice based on their individual contract to provide vaccination services.

Mr Day concluded: “This development has caused Scottish pharmacists significant concern and the PDA is raising the issue directly with the Health Board and Scottish Government.  For too long the voice of the individual pharmacist in Scotland has not been heard at Government level and as the largest representative body for pharmacists, the PDAU is seeking to redress that imbalance.  

The circumstances around this issue have caused further questions to be asked by PDA members and the union will be listening to member feedback before finalising further actions. 

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