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It’s Time to Tackle Bullying in the Workplace

PDA Members and reps met last week to launch the PDA’s new toolkit, ‘It’s Time to Tackle Bullying in the Workplace.’ The toolkit includes a factsheet and the PDA’s bullying and harassment incident diary.

Fri 30th September 2022 The PDA

This toolkit will help PDA members to understand their rights when it comes to bullying, highlight what they can do when they are being bullied in the workplace, and provides advice on ways to access support and improve working conditions.


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Although there is no specific law that addresses workplace bullying, employers have a legal duty of care towards employees. This includes taking actions to remove the risk of bullying in the workplace and protect them from all forms of harassment.

The aim of this PDA toolkit is to empower members to tackle bullying in their workplaces with support from PDA Reps and the PDA’s Service Centre. It also aims to help members to start conversations within workplaces about bullying.

During the ‘It’s Time to Tackle Bullying in the Workplace’ event, PDA members and reps talked with PDA staff about the steps members should take when they are being bullied at work. They also discussed how reps and the PDA’s Service Centre can provide guidance and support. They discussed the importance of keeping a record of concerning incidents and talking to the PDA at an early stage. Being bullied can be isolating, and the session also offered the opportunity for members to connect over their experiences and offer each other support.

The event highlighted how issues that individual pharmacists face are actually being experienced by many others within the profession. The PDA encourages all members to download and share this new factsheet, and to start conversations with colleagues and friends about their experiences and the importance of tackling bullying in the workplace.

The PDA will also be providing PDA Reps with the ‘It’s Time to Tackle Bullying in the Workplace Action Plan’ so that PDA Reps can have supportive conversations with members and find ways to improve workplace bullying policies.

Jyoti Saini, PDA Regional Committee member and Workplace Representative said, “The PDA event on how to tackle bullying in the workplace was online and so convenient for me to join in the evening. Speakers from the PDA were able to discuss the supportive toolkit which is available to pharmacists now. Most importantly, it was a safe space where we could all share information and good tips. I felt it was a secure environment to be open and honest with each other, value each other’s input, and identify ways to support ourselves and our colleagues.”

Bullying can affect mental health and wellbeing. The PDA’s charity partners, Pharmacist Support, the professions independent charity, provides a wide variety of support services to pharmacists, former pharmacists, pharmacy students, trainees, and their families. The Pharmacist Advice and Support Service (PASS), offer similar services for members in Northern Ireland.

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